AZ/NM Moose Association


The Roadrunner Council of Higher Degree meeting starts at 11:30AM and is followed by the Colorado River District #5 meeting, held at 12:30PM.

The Colorado River District #5 and the Roadrunner Council of Higher Degree are made up from 5 Lodges and Chapters; Yuma, Bullhead City, Kingman, Lake Havasu City and Southwest Yuma.

There are 9 districts in the Arizona - New Mexico Moose Association. Districts meet once a month and make reports, keep up on news and information from the Association and International levels.

All Moose members are encouraged to attend their district meetings. These meetings are a great time to meet with old friends and make new ones. The Higher Degree meetings are only open to those members which belong to the Moose Legion and W.O.T.M. Higher Degrees.


Secretary, Colorado River District #5

You might want to visit some of the other District 5 Web sites.
1. Moose Lodge 1860 in Bullhead City, AZ

Please let Earl Estes webmaster know of any other district 5 web sites.